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Mobile legends recently released a new patch updates in advance server. This updates is going to changes some things, from magic chess, to hero. Surprisingly, it is going affect moskov which is pretty balance in my opinion. The patch is going to changes Moskov ultimate skills and revamp its effect in the game.

The revamp is going to changes his skill, previously his ultimates can penetrated his enemies to the end of the map. However, with this updates, there are going to be some changes where the lance will stop on hit. Which means that tanker can body block his ultimate easily without worrying about their marksman that are going back to base getting killed in process.

If you have seen the viral video of Moscov using his ultimate to base the timing of his skills to deal damage to his enemies in the base, well you can’t do that in the next update. Since it is going to be harder to time, and shot when nobody’s around body blocking the damage.

Now, what do you guys think about this revamp? Is it a nerf or is it a buff on Moscov?

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