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Ninja is the newest Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love jobs that is going to come soon to the game. It is one of the best versatile jobs ever with bunch of different potential that can come soon to the game. Interestingly enough there are 3 builts that can be used for the job from Auto Attack, Magic caster, and lastly Buff/debuff Ninja. If you are interested in the skill explanation check out this article here.

On the video, there are some teaser video including the short story animation on the job. There are also going to be some aesir details included in the video so please check it out when you have the time. Interestingly enough, Ninja is a jobs to protect a land far away from the city of Tianshui. The clans has the ability and the power of Soul, they live in harmony and peace until Yggdrasil destroy Bifrost and then Odin awakens. Now, they will use their fearsome power of gods and soul to eliminate the crisis and save the world.

If you are interested to see their powers, click on the video just above, about a guys that capture a DPS built Ninja with auto attack that can deals a massive 31.4m damage to the dummies in the game. Ragnarok Mobile is going on a major 2.0 updates, and is a free to play game on Android and iOS!

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