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Mobile Legends recently released a new survey regarding its newest skins. The skins that are going to be released soon is for the annoying bouncing marksman called Hanabi. It is going probably going to be one of the newest Epic/special skins for the marksman.

The skins survey is going to make hanabi looks a little bit more futuristic, very interesting because the skins might be inspired by the recent event which is the Cyberpunk 2077 released on the PC and console. The skins is going to changes most of her design, including her hair, clothes, and of course her weapons.

Hanabi is one of the most unpopular mobile legends marksman, simply because she lacks ability in dealing damage in the early game, and most of the time in the late game, either her team lost, or she didn’t have any means to defend the lost in early game. Thankfully Moonton seems to know it, and has buff her in the last few patch updates.

So what do you guys think about this recent skin updates for Hanabi?

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