On the next updates of Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, There are going to be some changes that is going to happens in the game. One of which are the new job Ninja that is going to come soon to the game. Here is the detailed explanation.



– [Kagerou Updated Skill Details (27 Feb)]

– [Orochi Updated Skill Detail (27 Feb)]

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1st Job


  • Throw Shuriken: Deals 980% Physical Damage, Need Equipment Fuuma [Shurikens] Weapons. Range 5M, Skill Cooldown 1s, Delay 1s, SP Cost 30
  • Throw Fire Kunai: Deal 680% 2x Fire Physical Damage, Need EQ Fuuma [Shurikens Weapon] Range 5M, Skill CD 2s, Delay 1.5s, SP Cost 20
  • Fuuma Shuriken Mastery: Increase P.ATK +60 Hit +100 P.Pen 10%, [Passive]
  • Snow Flake Draft: Deal 760% Water Magic Damage with 4M AOE Range 10% Chance of Freezing, Range 7M, Cast time 4.5s, Skill CD 1s, Delay 1s, SP Cost 63
  • Blaze Shield: Deal 450% Fire Magic Damage and Knockback target, Last 2s, Cast time 3.5s Skill CD 7.6s Delay 2s SP cost 32.
  •  Summon Elemental Charm, Select Wind, Fire, Water, Earth Charm to summon, provide 20% Elemental Damage, and Change attack attribute, Last 150s, Cast Time 3s, Skill CD 5s, Delay 1s, Sp cost 100
  • Clear mind: Restore 25% MaxHP and SP every Second last 3s, Cast time 0s Skill CD 12s
  • Mist Hiding: Hide after Chant, Dodge +18, Crit Def +10, Last 20s, Cast time 0.5s, Skill CD 10s, Delay 1.5s ,Sp Cost 30
  • Mist Slasher: Increase 3M attack and Cast Range While hiding [Passive]
  • Shadow Leap: Quickly Move forward of direction, and immune to ground effect, last 2s, Move Speed +30% after leap, Skill CD 7s, Sp Cost 150
  • Shadow Step, Deal 800% Phy Dmg to surrounding target, Deal 2x damage on hiding target and remove their hiding, skill CD 5s, Delay 2s, Sp cost 50
  • Ninjutsu Mastery, Increase Matk+60 SP regen +100% Breakthrough Cost 5% current SP, every 100sp left, Increase Ninjutsu and Summon Jutsu Ignore M.DMG Reduc +0.5% [Passive]
  • Mirror Image, Summon Shadow Clone: Shadow Clone can use Ninja Skill, Increase skill level for more powerful Clone, Max 2 Clone at the same time for 20s, Cast time 1s, Skill CD 12s, Delay 1s, SP Cost 100

2nd/3rd Job

  • Throw Fuuma Shuriken: 680+ %Phy damage every 1 target within range will increase damage +10%, Need eq Fuuma [Shuriken Weapon], Range 6M, Skill CD 1.5s, Delay 1s, SP 24
  • Summon Jutsu: Thunder Beast, Deal 660% Wind Magic Damage to surrounding 6M Range target last 9s, Cast time 1s, skill CD 30s Delay 1s Sp Cost 100+
  • Sword Mastery PATK+8, Auto Attack bonus +20 [Passive]
  • Illusion – confuse target 1 player 40% chance to inflict Illusion, making all his skill icon become ?, Cast random skill or auto attack even on manual click, last 8s, Cast Range 6M, Cast Time 4s, Skill CD 24s, Delay 1.5s, SP Cost 100+
  • Shadow Warrior, Auto attack had 20% Chance to deal 150% Neutral Phy Damage [Passive]
  • Sky Slash, Auto Attack had 24% chance to inflict debuff, target will receive extra 100% phy damage in the next 3s, Ignore Race, Elemental, Size [Passive]
  • Void Curse, Curse 1 Target making it cannot use selected element attack or skill depending on which elemental charm you are holding, cost elemental Charm, last 6s, cannot be removed. Range 5M, Skill CD 24s Delay 1.5s SP Cost 200.
  • Summon Jutsu Water Toad, Summon water toad to assist in combat, deal 1340 Water damage to the surrounding target, had 100% chance to freeze, Target within Water Evasion Receive 50% more damage. Range 7M, Cast Time 4.5s CD 2s Delay 1.5s SP Cost 36+
  • Blink Strike, Target 1 Enemy Reduce its move speed 6% recast on the same target 10s will instantly blink next to him. Range 10m, Skill delay 1.5s SP cost 300
  • Watery Evasion: Create Water pool, can be use to remove land AOE Effect, Enemy within the AOE Movespeed -5% Agi-8+, Last 20s, Max 1 Pool. CD 20s Delay1.5s Sp Cost 42
  • Cross Slash: Deal 800+%PHy Damage to target, need sword weapon, Cast Range 1.5m, CD 1s. Delay 1s. Sp Cost 11+

4th Job

  • Amaterasu Strike: Dash and Slash 9M. Damaging Target in path with 2700% physical damage 100% chance to cause bleeding, last 10s. Need sword weapon Equipped, Range 9M. Skill CD 8s, Delay 1.5s, Sp Cost 40
  • Amaterasu Strike Reduce Skill CD 8s to 4s
  • Shadow Flash: Leading Skill, deal 250% phy Damage to enemy in range every 0.2s, last 2s, Target on the edge of slash will receive 2x damage. Cast Range 5m. CD 5s. Delay 1s.
  • Shadow Flash: Reduce target movespeed by 4% last 5s, While Leading Reduce 25% damage received
  • Hell Flame: When Clone is killed, Inflict 100% burn to target last 10s, cannot be removed.
  • Illusion Death: Inflict Illusion on target, the target will unable to see correct health of self and ally, last 10s, cannot be removed. Cast time 4s. Cast Range 6M, CD 18s. Delay 1.5s SPcost 150
  • Wooden Dumy: When Received Fatal Blow, 20% retain 1HP, and become Hiding for 1s, The wodden dummy will remain on the field [Passive]
  • Summon Jutsu Orochi, Deal 2240% x 3 Earth Magic AOE Damage within 3s, 100% Chance inflic fear, Cast time 5s, CD 5s, Delay 2s, SP Cost 130
  • Summon Jutsu Exploding Dragon, Deal 4860% x5 Fire damage after short delay, Cast time 7.5s, Cast Range 7M. SKill CD 3.5s, Delay 1.5s, SP Cost 119
  • According to which Elemental charm you hold, Create an area with a different effect. Wind 100% Sleep Reduce wind damage 30%, Earth 100% Petrify, Reduce Earth Damage 30%, Water 100% Freeze, Water Damage reduce 30%, Fire 100% Burn, Reduce Fire Damage 30%, Last 20s, Cast time 4.5s, CD 20s, Delay 1.5s, SP Cost 150
  • 16th Night: Buff self and gain fixed time -100% 30%Mpen, last 25s, Cast time 1s, Skill CD 48s, Delay 1s, Sp Cost 300.
  • Soul Cutter: When Attacking Every buff your target had, deal bonus true damage self by luk x20 multiplies by the target buff ammount. [Passive]
  • Fuuma Shuriken – Shadow Chaser: Deal Damage x130% Phy Damage every sec, last 5s, Can Destroy Trappers trap. Need EQ Fuuma Shuriken Weapon. CD 3s. Delay 1.5s SP Cost 80.
  • Ninja Aura: Buff Self INT, STR +50 Change attack Attribute to Ghost, Last 30s

There is some information that can’t be read in the site, which is why there might be a few changes after its released. But we will keep you up to date. There are many types of ninja that can be explored, Buff/debuff ninja, Mage Ninja, and lastly Phy attack Ninja depending on your skill built.

Are you hype for the new Ninja update?

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