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Ragnarok Mobile recently released a new version, which is the 2.0 version, and with the release of the version, there a new job that you can explore in the game which is the Ninja class. Of course there are some leaks regarding the next job release which is the gunslinger, but it won’t be released any time soon. So today, we will give you some details of Ninja 2nd job, Kagerou!

  • Sword Cultivation

    When wielding a sword, ATK +80, Auto Attack +200, and DMG Inc. +10%

  • Ten Slash

    Perform a cross-cutting on a single enemy unit, inflicting Physical DMG of ATK ×2060%. A Sword must be equipped

  • Magic – Delusion

    Cast sorcery on an enemy unit (invalid for Monsters) with a 100% success rate. The enemy in the delusion state has all its skill icons changed to “?” Tap an icon to use a random skill on the skill bar or launch an Auto Attack. The delusion state lasts for 8 seconds

  • Hollow

    Curse one enemy unit, disabling it from performing ATK and skills of a specified Attribute. The Attribute is determined by the aura Attribute you bear. Your aura will be consumed. The curse state lasts for 10 seconds and can’t be dispersed

  • Hidden Shadow

    Thousand Shadows will automatically enter the Hidden state, where its DMG +25%

  • Shadow Warrior

    While launching an Auto Attack, there’s a 20% chance of summoning a shadow warrior to attack the enemy from behind, inflicting neutral Physical DMG of ATK ×1500%

  • Ultimate Chop

    While launching an Auto Attack, there’s a 35% chance of breaking the target’s Meridians and inflicting Physical DMG of ATK × 1,000% after 3 seconds (Not affected by Race, Element, or size). If the target is bleeding, deal extra 100%DMG

  • Wind Dart Cast

    Throw a number of Shurikens forth, inflicting Physical DMG of ATK ×1570% on enemy units in front. For every extra enemy in range, DMG +10%. A Wind Monster Weapon must be equipped

  • Ninjutsu – Marsh

    Create a marsh under your feet, which can remove all area skills within range and lower enemy’s Move SPD by 50% and AGI by 80. The marsh lasts for 20 seconds and up to 1 marsh may exist

  • Ninjutsu – Dodge

    Mark one enemy unit to lower its Move SPD by 30%. If the skill is used again within 10 second, you will teleport right to the target

  • Psychic Spell – Ogare

    Summon one Thunder Beast around you, inflicting Wind Magic DMG of M.ATK ×1200% on 1 enemy unit within 6 meters every second. The thunder beast lasts for 18seconds

  • Psychic Spell – Whirlpool Pill

    Summon a ninja frog to repeatedly pound on all enemy units within range, inflicting Water Magic DMG of M.ATK ×2860% with a 100% chance of freezing the targets. Ninja frogs deals extra 50% DMG to enemy units within Marsh

  • Force Focus

    The adventurer breaks through the limits of their ability, gaining an additional Max HP bonus. Can increase the caster’s Max HP by 10000. Requires the player to reach T3 and job at Lv. 60.

That is all to the newest second job of Ragnarok Mobile 2.0 Kagerou skill description, for more information of the newest Ragnarok Mobile Jobs, you can search our other article in the link below!

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