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As part of the Ragnarok 2.0 release in Mobile, there are so many people that are trying to find the skill of Ragnarok Mobile Newest job addition which is the Ninja. Today, we will give you guys some of the detailed skill descriptions of the class as you can see in list below.


  • Dart Cast
    Throw darts at up to 3 enemy units in a distance, inflict Physical DMG of ATK ×980% on the main target and the main target’s DMG ×80% on secondary targets. Some Wind Monster type of weapon must be equipped
  • Shadow Leap
    A Ninja jumps up and the direction can be selected. He’s immune to all ground Magic Effect for 2 seconds. His Move SPD +30%
  • Misty
    After a quick chant, create smoke under your feet and enter the Hidden state, increasing Flee by 50 and Crit.Res. by 30 for 20 seconds
  • Shadow Slash
    In the Hidden state, increase your ATK and casting range by 3 meters
  • Shadow Stepper
    Inflict Physical DMG of ATK ×1680% on nearby enemy units. The DMG doubles for hiding targets. All hiding enemy units within range will be uncovered
  • Leave It Behind
    Guiding skill, quickly recover through spells. During the guidance, restores 25% of Max HP and 25% of Max Magic per second, lasting for 3 seconds
  • Ninjutsu – Thousand Shadows
    Summon one Shadow Clone to assist in battle. The Shadow Clone can perform some skills. The higher level the skills, the better the Shadow Clone’s Attributes. Up to 2 Shadow Clones may exist simultaneously and each lasts for 20 seconds
  • Ninjutsu Cultivation
    Increase your M.ATK by 60 and SP Regen by 100%. Every time when you perform Ninjutsu or psychic spell damage-type skills, consume 5% of current SP. For each 100 points of SP left, Ninjutsu and psychic spells will ignore 0.5% of the target’s M.DMG Reduc.
  • Explosive Shuriken
    Throw a dart with explosive power to the target on the ground, which will automatically detonate in 2 seconds. It will cause fire-type DMG (2×ATK×1400%) to enemies within 3 meters around. Wind-type weapons must be equipped to release this skill.
  • Wind Monster Cultivation
    While using a Wind Monster Weapon, ATK +60, HIT +100, and Pen. +10%
  • Four Souls
    Use Ninjutsu to change your own aura Attribute. You may choose from the four kinds of aura of Wind, Earth, Water and Fire. While bearing aura, increase the corresponding attribute attack by 20% and convert the ATK Attribute to the corresponding Aura Attribute for 150 seconds. You may only bear one kind of aura
  • Ninjutsu – Flame Array
    Create a firestorm around you, knocking back nearby enemy units and inflicting Fire Magic DMG of M.ATK ×1150% for 2 seconds
  • Ninjutsu – Ice
    Chant to summon a massive Ice crystal to smash into a designated area, inflicting Water Magic DMG of M.ATK ×1840% on all enemy units within 4 meters with a 100%chance of freezing them

That is all that you need to know about the ninja first job skill description and details. Ninja is a very versatile job that can deal both magic and physical damage. If you are interested in learning about the next job. Check out our other job description for more information!

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