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Mobile legends recently leak another teaser regarding the next skin release. These new leaks are a little different from the usual skin, event, and hero leaks because it also leaks the ongoing projects of Mobile Legends, which are the newest Music Group skins that are going to come to the game.

Broddy, Selena, and chou is coming to Mobile Legends as part of one whole group. It is said in previous leaks that this group is going to be called “K’Group”, and is part of Mobile legends 515 Event unite that is going to come later this year.

Although previously, Mobile legends had impressed their players with their 515 unite music with a catchy beat and tune that enables their listener to head bang. So, there are many expectations for this group with amazing music.

But regardless what do you guys think about this new music group by Moonton? Do you think that they are going to be lit?


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