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As part of Ragnarok Mobile 2.0 updates, there are going to be many changes that comes to the game. From UI Updates, to interestingly another job that will add more fun to the game. Ninja, the newest job of Ragnarok Mobile had comes to the game, and there are many people and players that are hype to test this job potential. Now, for those that are interested in seeing its skill and details before trying the job for real, here are the Orochi skill details in Ragnarok Mobile 2.0.

  • Amaterasu Flash

    A Ninja dashes 9 meters forward, inflicting Physical DMG of ATK ×2700% on enemy units in the way with a 100% chance of causing the targets to bleed for 10 seconds. A Sword must be equipped

  • Universal Nature

    According to your aura, create a Magic Array of different Attributes under your feet. The Magic Array will remove all area skills within range. Your aura will be consumed while using the skill. The Magic Array lasts for 20 seconds. – Wind Magic Array: There’s a 100% chance of silencing the enemy and lowering 30% Wind DMG Reduction
    – Earth Magic Array: There’s a 100% chance of petrifying the enemy and lowering 30% Earth DMG Reduction
    – Water Magic Array: There’s a 100% chance of freezing the enemy and lowering 30% Water DMG Reduction
    – Fire Magic Array: There’s a 100% chance of burning the enemy and lowering 30% Fire DMG Reduction

  • Soul Severance

    Every time when you attack the enemy, deal True DMG according to the number of the target’s buffs. Each buff causes Physical True DMG of LUK ×20

  • Burning Prison

    When a Shadow Clone is killed, there’s a 100% chance of causing nearby enemy units to burn, which will last for 10 seconds and can’t be removed

  • Quick Escape

    When you receive a fatal blow, there’s a 20% chance of surviving, becoming invulnerable for 1 second and entering the Misty state. A wooden man will be left in place

  • Wind Shuriken – Swift Shadow

    Cast Wind Darts to a designated area, inflicting Physical DMG of Wind Dart Cast ×130% on all enemy units within 3 meters per second and removing all Archer-type traps within range for 5 seconds. A Wind Monster Weapon must be equipped

  • Flowing Shadow Heart

    Facilitation skill. Slash forward quickly, inflicting Physical DMG of Flowing Blade I ×250% on all enemy units in front per 0.2 second. The attack lasts for 2 second. The enemy at the end of the slash will received doubled DMG. Must be followed by the release of Flowing Blade IV. A sword must be equipped

  • Ghost

    Gather Ghost Power on yourself and increase your Int and STR by 50 in the Ghost state. At the same time, your ATK Attribute is converted to Ghost Attribute for 30 seconds. A small amount of your HP will be consumed during the use

  • Psychic Spell – Snake

    Summon one Yamata Serpent under your feet to wrap around the enemy, inflicting Earth Magic DMG of M.ATK ×2240% on all enemy units within 5 meters per second for 3 seconds with a 100% chance of causing them to fear for 5 seconds

  • Psychic Spell – Scorching Treasure Pill

    Summon a fire dragon to dash into a designated area, dealing Fire Magic DMG of M.ATK ×4860% 5 times to enemy units within 5 meters after a brief delay

  • Sixteen Nights

    Strengthen your spells, shortening Fixed Cast Time by 100% and increasing your M.Pen. by 30% for 25 seconds

  • Magic – Curse

    Cast sorcery on one enemy unit and cause the target to be unable to correctly view his HP and his allies’ HP for 10 seconds. The sorcery can’t be dispersed

  • Amaterasu Flash – Cooldown

    Amaterasu Flash’s CD time is shortened by 4 seconds

  • Universal Nature – Ignore DEF

    In the Universal Nature Magic Array, lower the enemy’s DEF and M.DEF by 28%

  • Soul Severance – Soul

    Soul Severance’s DMG +40%

  • Quick Escape – Invincible

    Quick Escape’s invulnerable time +1 seconds

  • Sixteen Nights – Evernight

    Sixteen Nights’ duration +5 seconds

  • Sixteen Nights – Full Moon

    Sixteen Nights additionally provide 15% M.DEF ignoring

  • Wind Shuriken – Swift Shadow – Strengthening

    Wind Shuriken – Swift Shadow’s DMG +28%

  • Flowing Shadow Heart – Wind Blade

    Flowing Shadow Heart each attack lowers the target’s Move Spd by 4% for 5 seconds

  • Flowing Shadow Heart – Defend

    While performing Flowing Shadow Heart, your DMG received -25%

There you have it, the skill description of the 3rd advance job of Ninja. Ninja is a very versatile job that could do debuff, Physical and magical damage at once. Interestingly enough, this job is pretty easy to get with the recent growth system updates. For those that had play this job, what do you guys think about its surviveability in the game!

Stay tune for more updates in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal love 2.0 in!

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