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Each season of Mobile Legends, there are going to be more and more interestingly new skins for their players. This is to rewards their players that had played the game competitively so that they feel rewarded. In today’s season’s 19, there is going to be a new skin for all players that reached master above!

This new Akai skin is going to be released at the end of Mobile Legends 19 season. It is going to changes our favorite chubby hero Akai into a bad boy that would be annoying to fight with. There are also going to be some changes in the new akai Mobile Legends skin, where players will be able to see his frogs riding his back in the picture. The skin will be called Akai Street Enforcer.

Aside from this skin, Mobile Legends Master Players and above will be getting BP rewards and ticket rewards to help them buy another hero in the game. If you are interested in getting this skin, then play competitively now!

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