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There are so many android games that are developed by good guys each years, and there might be some people that are still a little bit confuse on what to play. Thankfully roonby has got it covers, because today we will give you some of the best Android games that you must play on 2021! Check it out~!

1. My heroes: SEA

“My Heroes” is a classic pixel-style barrage shooting ARPG game that players can freely team up for adventure. The game is centered on the pursuit of refreshing and exciting barrage shooting battles, with a high degree of freedom and strategic Diablo-style building and development gameplay, creating an interesting pixel adventure world for players.


2. Arrow Wars

Arrow wars is one of the most popular mini games that you must play. The game is so much fun with tons of different skill to manage. You play as an archer trying to defense your tower, with each arrow that you have, there is going to be bunch of skills that you could utilize in the game. The game is so much fun, and is very interesting to play. Check it out if you have time!


3. Lords Hooray: Legends of Legion

My Lord, welcome back to this ancient magic world! Start your new adventure with many subordinates, cute and cool! Find all of them along with your journey, build up your unstoppable legions, and conquer the world!


4. Astracraft

The all new real-time sandbox & combat game is here! Build, modify, fight! Welcome to the world of Astracraft! Unleash your creativity, build your ARMS, build your team, conquer the universe! Battlebots, ships, race cars…The battle of creativity is limitless!


5. The Muscle Hustle: Slingshot Wrestling Game

Join the arena and get ready to strike! You’ve never played a wrestling game like this before! Collect, train, level up and evolve hundreds of wrestlers. Combine the unique stats and abilities of your hyper heroes to build the perfect tag-team for each match and battle it out in extensive single player campaigns or the real-time PvP league.


6. Slam Dunk

《SLAM DUNK》is a Real-Time 3v3 Basketball game adapted from the Japanese Anime – “Slam Dunk”. The production is supervised by Toei Animation and distributed by DeNA. Meet the original characters, watch the orginal story and those classic scenes. You will be able to use those familiar skills like “Hua Hua Defense”, “Akagi Dunk” and “Lightning Fast”; experience the strength of each high-school basketball team. Let’s ignite your passion for basketball and feel those touching moment through the competitions. Enjoy creating and developing your very own playing technique!


7. Gumslinger

Welcome to Gumslinger. A gummy candy world of intense shootouts, amazing skillshots and crazy fun gunplay missions.Gumslinger is a unique combination of skill, competition, physics, mouthwatering gummy candy and great fun!


There you have it some of the best android game 2021 recommendation that you should definitely try. Some of these games above are free to play however you might need to watch ads in game. if you have any other game recommendation, comment down below and we will make it in~!

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