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Mobile Legends recently released a new squad which is called the heroes squad. The squad is full of high quality skins that will leave you in awe when somebody uses it. The skins will changes most of the design including the skins effect, and most importantly the skill effect. If you are interested in the skins, then you might want to check out which heroes in Mobile Legends have ones. This article is made because of the leaks regarding the skins. So it might be true or not depending on the future release.

5 Upcoming Heroes on Hero Squad in Mobile Legends

As you all have known there are already 3 skins that are released by Mobile Legends Moonton:

  • Bruno [Firebolt] changes most of his skins effect and gives him a kill animation that looks pretty cool
  • Lancelot [Swordmaster] changes most of his skill animation, and icons, also give him kill animation
  • Chou [Thunder Fist] Changes his skill effect and kill animation.

However, it turns out that there are 2 more skins that are going to be released by Moonton in the next patch updates, which are Esmeralda and Vale. Both are going to have some similarity with the world-known superheroes. Esmeralda and Vale looks really cool with their cape.

Sadly there hasn’t been any information regarding the released of both skins, and their skins detail and animation. Hopefully Moonton is going to give us some information soon!

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