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Mobile Legends recently released a new hero called Matlida. The hero is one of the greatest support hero ever released by Moonton which has the ability not only to support their players, but to also kill them as an assassin. Players will wonder why released this OP hero, well, because Pacquito the new Philipines hero that is so much OP than her is coming to the game.

Pacquito is the next fighter with abilities similar to Chou. He has a huge op burst damage that can kill any other hero easily, excel in one on one fight, and can easily delete his enemies with ease. His ultimate can knock back other enemies easily, and render them useless if used right. He is inspired by the famous Boxer of Philiphines with the same name and is one of the collaboration heroes with the country.  This hero will be coming to the land of dawn on 15 January 2021!

Mobile Legends is a Mobile MOBA Game on android and iOS that can be played for free!

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