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Hilda one of the best fighters currently is getting a little change. Maybe it is because of her popularity nowadays, but we all love Hilda nowadays. Her ability to deal massive damage with ease especially in the early game. And being a Hilda user myself, I am really proud of it, and it seems like Moonton also wanted to give us the loves, because after giving her a revamp, they are giving us little change for her icon.

This changes is going to change her icon from his stack, Wild hunt to his ultimate. This is a welcome change for all Hilda user, this updates might not matter much to her balance in the game, but it is still nice the female fighter is finally getting the love she needs.

Previously, post revamp Hilda is one of the most underestimated heroes in mobile legends. Her abilities is weak in the early game and late game which makes her a little bit confusing to use. Thankfully with her revamp, she is beginning to look really cool and fun to use.

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