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Mobile legends recently revamped more and more old content in the game. Argus is one of the recent heroes that is getting revamped by Moonton, but not only that, there are also some skins, and character designs that are going to be revamped by the developers.

Mobile Legends Skin Revamp

Mobile Legends Skin Revamp Event

Moonton decides to make this a game, and include the player’s input in an event called “The Land of Dawn Fashion Week”. In which the players can vote and choose their favorite skins that they want to revamp next in the game.

This event is free, and any players regardless of their rank can join in. So if you want your favorite hero to getting a revamped skins, then definitely join in the event and vote for Mobile Legends Skin Revamp!

Mobile Legends is a free to play Mobile Game, where you will need to fight against another player in a 5v5 team fight. The first one to destroy the enemy’s base will win. If you are interested in the game, download Mobile Legends on Android and iOS!

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