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Yve is one of the most recent heroes in Mobile Legends. The mage introduces us to a new mechanic that makes the game much more fun to play. This might be why Yve is awaited by many. Sadly Moonton hasn’t really given us any real updates regarding the hero released date. Well at least nothing much has been known until now. Yve Mobile Legends Release date!

Yve Mobile Legends Release Date!

Yve Mobile Legends has the ability to make an area full of cosmic power, and attack her enemies that come to that area. Players will be able to select the area, and when selected, the area will lit up with cosmic power and deal massive damage. It is a much more powerful zoning ability. Her damage might not be much but her ultimate is very useful. Unlike Pharsa, She can use her ability much longer, enabling her to reduce the effectiveness of other enemies in the game. Sadly, she has low health that makes her really weak to assassins.

Anyway, she is going to be released on February 3th, 2021, and is going to be one of the most OP heroes if she is used right. But what do you guys think about this hero? Do you think that she is able to dominate the land of Dawn?

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