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NetEase recently released a new game for us to play. This new mobile game will change your ways to look at any other battle royale game in the making. NetEase really outdid Theirselves in this one. Astracraft is available for both Android and iOS!

Astracraft is a real time sandbox combat game where you can build, modify your bot, and fight. You will unleash your creativity and build your teams full of different types of bot to make sure you elimitnate your enemies.

The game force you to play the game in a creative way, building whatever you want to have the advantages in the game. The creativity is the limit, however you will need to find the parts to make sure you are op in the game.

Each part is going to give you skills, defense, and added status effect. So not only will you be cool, but you will also be moderately OP in the game depends on what you make.

If you are interested in the game, download the game now on android!

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