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E-sport has been one of the most engaging tournaments for all players. This is proven true, in making sure the players can have a career in the game that they play, which is one of the ways for devs to connect with their players. Interestingly enough, Moonton also decides to use this for their game Mobile Legends.

After the success of last year tournaments M1 with EVOS as their winner, Moonton decides to make another event called M2 Championship where players in SEA are going to compete professionally in the event. Aside from that, Moonton also gives the other players that can’t participate in the event tons of rewards that can be used in the game. One of which is the New Mobile Legends Spawn Effect that can be obtained for free.

Mobile Legends Spawn effect free

Mobile Legends recently released a new M2 spawn effect. This effect can be obtained for free as long as you follow the events and log into the game at the approximate time. As you can see in the image above. You can claim the exclusive M2 spawn effect by simply participating on voting which teams that might win in the game. Regardless of whom or whose team you vote, you will get this effect without any problem.

So, please log in, participate, and vote for the team that you think might win, for you to get this exclusive free spawn effect for free!

Mobile Legends is a free to play MOBA mobile game on android and iOS!

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