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Bane, is probably one of the worst fighters currently in Mobile Legends, regardless of his ability. Although he can sustain massive damage in the early game, his late-game capability is not that strong. His ability to heal is not that good in the late game, and his damage needs him to be near his enemies which is not that great especially in the late game where burst damage is everywhere.

Bane Huge Buff Mobile Legends

In the next patch update, Moonton decides to buff him overall, Increasing his damage, and his capability to heal every second even in the late game. Some of the changes that might necessary make him more OP is his second skill. Where Moonton decides to buff this ability to heal not only in the early game but also in the late game. Improving his health regen to 8% of lost health, increasing his ability to sustain himself in the war. Making him the perfect offlaner if played right.

Another thing that is important to notice is his ultimate that changes from Physical to magic damage. This might be trivial to some people, but these changes will really be seen after the game. Bane is one of the most unique heroes that have the ability to deal 2 type of damage, Physical and Magic damage. Which means that even if a tank has a huge armor, if he didn’t have any magical resistance, Bane will still be able to deal massive damage to the tank.

However, this change is still experimental and will still be tested in advance server. So stay tune for more update!

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