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Mobile Legends recently released a new hero. This new hero is going to be one of the most unique heroes with tons of unique skills to use. The name is Beatrix and it is going to be one of the most complicated heroes in Mobile Legends.

This newest heroes Beatrix is going to be one of the most unique heroes with 4 different attacks and skills because of her weapon. For now, we have known about her weapon name, from Bennet, Rennet, Wesker, and lastly Nibiru. There is only 1 skill difference based on the video above, as we can see above, which is her 3rd skill.

Each attack is going to change her basic attack skill, and each weapon has her own ammo that needed her to reload. This might be one of those heroes that change her movement speed/attack damage based on her attack speed. However, we didn’t not have further information regarding beatrix marksman skill except for this little gameplay video.

But what do you think about her?

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