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Mobile Legends recently released a survey regarding the next Hero that their players want to revamp, and the most vote goes to our oldest assassins Karina. Despite being so OP, this hero don’t really have what it takes to deal with the current META which is why it is not surprising that many players want her to be revamped. And Although it is not yet Official, there are some leaks regarding the revamped gameplay and some information to it.

As you can see in the video of the leak above, Karina revamp is going to get a little but noticeable changes in her skill. Sadly we only knew one skill that is going to be changed which is her ultimate skill. Although it looks the same, there are some little changes that come with it. First of all, Karina can teleport to the enemies hit with her ultimate, enabling her to deal double damage despite whether or not she can kill her enemies.

When you first tap her skill, you will notice that the deal huge damage, which means that her initial damage that comes from tapping her skill is not removed from the game. However, Moonton seems to decide to increase her overall damage in the game by using the mark method that allows her to teleport to the enemies and killing them easily.

So what do you think about the Karina revamp? Are you okay with the changes? Or do you think this is not a good revamp?

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