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Recently Ragnarok Mobile eternal love released a new event called the Big Cat Royal Celebration Event/Big Box Battle that is held on 2021 January 15. The event is currently being released, and today we will give you guys little tips on how to farm event box for free freyr coin and HG.

Note: This tip is made following the Blueberries youtube video. If you are interested in a quick Ragnarok Mobile Tips, Subscribe to her channel.

Big Box Battle event : Go to the south gate farm event mob during the event time which is [Friday, Saturday, and Sunday] for 3 weeks straight. This will give us 1 box per day and per account only. It means that one account can only get one box per day.

You also had 1% chance to get a Random Feast or HG box that contain 1 random part of Feb 2021 HG event that can only be opened the next month

Note: No more full set Feast/2021 HG Anymore that was only limited for the Chinese 4th-anniversary event. For the global version you might need to wait for a little while.

Dream Plant Celebration Event which is a 3-day event, that can give you a random Feast and Gacha HG. This quest can be accepted on 14 – 21 January 2021. You can get Feb Feast costume set Gift box.

Note: However, if you didn’t log in and accept the quest, or fail to finish the quest in 3 day, your rewards will be downgraded to 2021.02, Headgear gacha Random Gift Box.

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