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Mobile Legends is probably one of the most popular MOBA game on SEA currently. The game is so popular, that there are many people that took advantage of the game to make some pretty bucks, which is what this guy is doing for his Mobile Legends account.

On the image above, the guy is selling his Mobile Legends account for Rp. 175.000.000 or around US$ 12.500. The account has all the skins in Mobile Legends, including the recall effect, Stardom border, and the Layla Blue Spectre skin which is so rare to find.

Needless to say, the account will also have the full emblem, full tower, and of course, full hero to boot. Simply buy it and you will get almost everything that you miss in the game. Well, as long as you have the money to it.

If you are interested in the skin and heroes, then you can go to their instagram post here to check it out!

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