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Ragnarok Origin is the newest Mobile game that is released and produced by Gravity. The game is a copy of the previous gravity game, but the control is changed to suit for mobile gameplay. The game also has built a massive fanbase globally. If you didn’t know yet, recently Ragnarok Origin has been releasing a new patch update, and today Roonby will explain the new January 2021 patch note.

Event: Helheim Speed Battle [22 Januari 2021 – 25 Januari 2021]

The difficulty for the speed battle will be on Hard Mode according to the patch note, it said both normal and hard mode. Rewards are based on the mode and rewards based on the timely completion or ranking.

If you clear the time event within 300s, then you will be given the additional rewards at the end of the event. This event is opened to all players above level 45.

Balance, Optimization, and Bug Fix

  • Stories and Dungeon has been optimized.
  • Crusader job battle test has been optimized
  • The rare card fragment exchange has been optimized
  • The bleeding effect for the Blood Knight’s Blood Storm skill has been removed
  • The bug where allied guilds could not acquire the Holy Week Treasure chest has been fixed
  • The bug where casting Charge arrow via gargoyle card didn’t knock player in PVP fix
  • The bug where the Gospel skill would still be active but disappears when changing map has been fixed
  • The bug where the imperial sphere buff icon didn’t appear has been fixed

There is some other patch fix in the game and future in-game patch upgrades that are going to be added Ragnarok origin in the future. And we will keep you updated! So Check out our next Ragnarok Origin Updates in Roonby!

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