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Recently Mobile legends has given our vampiric support girl another buff. On its recent patch release update in the Advance server, Moonton finally decides to buff her again. The buff is so OP that she might be picked as a support tanker in the next META.

The buff is going to increase her passive ability to steal defense and magic defense from her opponents. Previously Moonton decides to nerf her abilities to 5 – 10 at the max level, however, in the next patch update they decide to buff this ability to 6.2 – 12 at max level.

If you think this is insignificant, then you are wrong. Simply by using her power, she is able to take away the enemy’s hero defense abilities. Meaning that not only will she buff herself, she will also debuff her enemies. Interestingly enough in a team fight with 5 people, the max defense she will get are 60 for both physical and magical defense, which is similar to 2 full sets off physical and magical defense item.

This will increase her survival ability event in the late game with a good build, which is why she is going to be terrifying.

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