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Granger has always been a fan favorite. Why not? A huge burst of damage, the ability to clear minions easily, and of course the skill to kill the enemies in the late game. However, he is always a skill based marksman that mainly uses his first skill to deal massive damage, and it seems like Moonton also notice that, because on the next updates. They will be buffing his basic attack damage.

In the recent patch update, it is stated that granger only dealt low damage with basic attack, and because of that, they want to buff and increased his base basic attak damage to be use more in a fight. So in order to do that, they will be buffing his passive, to deal more damage in the mid and early game.

Previously his basic attack damage will increase 20 + 110% Total Physical attack, but in the next patch it will go up by 30 damage to 50 + 110% Total Physical attack. It might look insignificant, but the added bonus of 2 times the attack damage will surely be felt in the long run.

If you are a granger main, then this is definitely a good news for you guys, but what do you guys think about this buff? Do you agree with Moonton choices to buff Granger when he is already skill based OP?

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