Much like any other game, each month Mobile legends is going to released new content for their players to experience. Of course, this includes new patch updates, skins, and of course new heroes. Thankfully, we have a new leak regarding the released date of each skin and heroes that are going to be released next. So here is the next Mobile Legends February 2021 Skins and hero Released date!

Feb 1 – Lapu Lapu “Special Force” Starlight

Feb 5 – Wanwan “Pixel Blast” Epic Showcase

Mobile Legends Skin Revamp

Feb 10 – Luo Yi “Dawning Fortune” Special

Feb 12 – Yve New Hero

Yve Mobile Legends Release Date

Feb 14 – Cecilion “Phantom Count” Special

Feb 14 – Carmilla “Phantom Countess” Special

Feb 19 – Lancelot “Pisces” Zodiac Encore

Feb 22 – Pharsa “Samba Muse” Elite via Call Event

Those are some of the skins and a hero that is going to be released in February 2021. If there are some that you want to get, then definitely save up your BP, and Diamonds to buy both at the same time. Hopefully, this list will be able to help you in some way. Thank you for reading have a nice day!

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