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Mobile Legends Moonton recently released a new survey regarding the next Epic/Collector skin in Mobile Legends, and it seems like our favorite anti CC hero Benedetta might be getting one soon. It is not surprising considering the high pick rate of the game. Well, anyway, here is the skin survey for Benedetta’s new Collector or Epic skin!

Personally, as a non-assassins user, I don’t really care about how Benedetta will look like in the game. Especially since her users are going to kill us mage users in the backline, but her skin looks real good, especially the samurai one with blue swords. The detail of the swords looks real good there and she looks like a chivalric hero trying to kill her enemies.

Regardless, if you do want to buy this skin, save your money now because she will definitely be very expensive as of any other collector and epic showcase skins.

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