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One of Mobile Legends Most popular items, Queen’s Wing that is used by many roles Fighter and Tank is finally being Nerf. This item lets players reduce the incoming damage, either Magic damage and Physical Damage, which is why it is pretty popular, and it is pretty annoying for DPS. Thankfully, this item will finally be nerf

This nerf is going to reduce its passive by 10% from 40% to 30% at half health. This is huge nerf because previously Mobile Legends had nerfed the item from 50% to 40% in the mid-2020 last year. Aside from its passive, Moonton also decides to nerf its +Max HP from 1000 to 900 only, to reduce its overall durability. Most players that use the item will definitely know the difference, Fighter that depends on Queen’s Wing for its defensive ability will need to buy another item, reducing their damage.

Well, this is probably Moonton ways to make the game more balanced, regardless, what do you think about this nerf?

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