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It is not surprising that a big developer like Gravity doesn’t really care about its players. But for the company to do it for so long that a fan decides to park their rented van in front of its building and do its protest seems really unlikely. Anyway, that is exactly what happens to Gravity because they decide to ignore their player’s feedback for so long.

A fan finally decides to rent a vehicle with a large LED sign and park the car in front of the devs building to protest. The incident then hit the local news, and Gravity finally releases a statement. They said that they will be working hard to show a change in 2021 in both communication and game operation. This means that they are going to increase developer live stream, annual gathering, penalties for hackers, and monthly developer notes for their users.

Well, given that the Gravity game is largely played all over the world, and how they released this statement, they have a huge promise to keep. Especially after this incident. Well, we hope for the best for this company.

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