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Each month, there is going to be new skins on the making in Mobile legends. Interestingly enough, depending on the skin tags, the quality of the skin will also differ, from the design, animation, to skill effect. There are currently 4 skin tags that are in the making each month, which are the Epic Skins, Starlight Skins, Special skins, and lastly the collector skins. For Mobile Legends March 2021 Epic Skin, it is going to be for Roger Cyber Werewolf.

Mobile Legends March 2021 Epic Skin

This new Roger Epic skin will not only changes his skin animation, but will also change his skill effect to the better. The skin will change most of his skin into purple hue with a little bit of futuristic effect to it. Interestingly enough, not only will it changes his human form design, but it will also changes his werewolf form, making him look like a cyborg wolf that is ready to kill at any moment.

The skin is going to cost you around 899 diamonds, and there might be discounted price at the start of its release, So if you are interested in buying this skin then i really suggest you to save up now.

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