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Previously we have known that Moonton is going to collab with Kimetsu no Yaiba which is proven to be a flop because there are no more updates or even any leaks regarding the collaboration. However, without any notice, there are leaks and assets regarding the next future collaborations with Star Wars.

On one of the most prominent mobile legends leakers, it is found that one of the sword users in Mobile Legends will be getting a Darth Vader skin, and it is going to be Argus the underestimated fighter. Considering that this fighter is going to get revamped soon, it is not surprising that he will get the skin collab.

However, this is still a rumor that is not announced by Moonton himself, and don’t get your hopes up, because Moonton might not even released this collab much like any other collab that might be coming to the game.

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