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Granger, one of the most prominent marksman in Mobile Legends recently got a huge buff on its basic attack damage. Since Granger is an OP and Popular marksman of Mobile Legends, It is not surprising that they decided to give him a new legends skin, which is the highest tier skin in Mobile Legends.

Granger Legends Skin Starfall Knight Wallpaper Mobile Legends

This new skin is going to change all of his skill, design, skill icon, and many more. The ultimate gun will also be changed into something futuristic, and cool that will leave the enemies in awe when hit by it. Much like any other Mobile Legends Legends skin tag, Granger will also get a unique recall, sadly we didn’t have any leaks regarding the recall animation.

This new upcoming Legends skin might be coming to the Mobile Legends Original server in mid to late 2021 however we didn’t know the exact date yet, and since Moonton themselves hasn’t tested it in Advance server it might be a little hard to pinpoint the date.

However, if you are interested in this skin, you will need lots of diamonds to buy it, the previous magic wheel legends skin cost around 10.800 diamonds/ 12.000 diamonds.

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