Recently, there is news regarding the recent Ragnarok Mobile 2.0. There are going to be many changes in the game both good and bad. One of the bad things is the disappearance of some titles that can’t be acquired after the updates. The good news is the UI Updates, and of course, the new growth system for new players to catch up with the other players in the game.

Note: This article is made based on MissMaven youtube video that explain clearly on what type of things that can be expect in the RO 2.0 Growth system. Go to their channel and give them views and subscribe!

So basically, this new growth system is a Criatura Academy where players can finish the tutorial and then get the job 3 upgrades easily. For the older player simply Talk to Hemer to receive the invitation, and then teleport you to Criatura Academy by talking to Rory NPC. Talk to Heger Leafa to get the opportunity for a quick t3, However, do note that this is only once per account. So think before claiming it.

Note: This can also be activated only by a character that hasn’t reach the T3 job yet. You can also choose a job from another class.

You will then be promoted directly on the novice hall located near the place, and then talk to the NPC of the chosen class. You will then promoted to the job that you choose with the level of 120 and job level of 60. The exclusive headgear will also be given immediately in your inventory.

You will also be asked for your preferred built, then your mentor will give you the basic set of your equipment, and automatically allocate your stats and skill points. Afterward, you will be asked to go to technical training to use your skill but you will need to use the skill by yourself and modified it yourself. After that, you will officially graduate from the academy.

Before leaving, however, you will need to talk to Karian to receive an adventure beginner to master the graduation manual. This will contain a series of daily tasks, that you will need to finish to get abundant rewards.

Some of the rewards are:

  • Starter equips
  • Aesir Voucher
  • in-game currency and many more!

This is good for new players and new returning players to understand the game easily. Also player will be able to get a freshman medal that can be used to gacha on the freshman gachapon with tons of different costumes.

Also, the second day of this growth quest can also be used to immediately changes your 4th job. Players also don’t need to grind EXP to change it. So this is definitely pretty helpful, however, you will need to get quicksand to get the job skill.

There is more stuff that can be used in the growth system that will help you in the game and get use to the game more. Simply follow the quest and you will be able to experience it all easily.

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