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Mobile Legends has many mode that the players can play. Most of this mode although not affected by rank, are pretty fun to play. One of the most popular mode is the Mobile Legends Mayhem hero. This mode will change most of mobile legends skill to their OP version. Layla is going to have a Kamehameha-like ultimate, Cyclops ultimate will have a massive damage buff, Selena stun and many more.

As you can see in the video trailer above, There are going to be 4 new heroes that will come to the Mayhem mode. Benedetta, Matilda, Yve, and Barats are going to have a new skill in the game. For example, Benedetta skill will render her immune to all damage while doing damage in front of her, Barats can immediately eat his enemies and then throw them from mid to your fountain, Matilda has the ability to deal damage while being immune to all damage, and lastly, Yve can immediately use her ultimate without any delay when touch.

This new Mobile Legends Mayhem hero is going to come soon on Mobile Legends in 19th February – 7 March 2021. So if you want to play them, then download the game now and experience the OPness!

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