Mobile Legends Leakers recently release new skin leaks regarding the next skin that are going to be released on March 2021, and interestingly enough there are many new skins that are both high in quality and design for those that are playing the game. It will also change some of the game effects for those that are playing a certain hero, here are some of the skin that is going to be released on March 2021.

March 1 – Khufra “Dreadful Clown” Starlight

Khufra is going to get a Starlight skin with a joker like look. “Dreadful Clown” can be gotten when you buy the Starlight battle pass.

March 5 – Gusion “Night Owl” Collector

The next collector skin is going to be released for Gusion as Night Owl. It will change most of his skill in the games making him the perfect assassins.

March 10 – Roger “Cyborg Werewolf” Epic 899

For those that are interested in using the 2 form fighter is going to get a cyborg werewolf skin that will change his look to a more futuristic werewolf

March 12 – Khaleed “Crescent Scimitar” Elite

The next elite skin that can be bought for a cheap price is going to be released for our little sand prince Khaleed in the name Crescent Scimitar

March 16 – Vale “Blizzard Storm” HERO

Our storm Prince will also be getting a limited skin Blizzard storm. Vale is going to look super cool in a super hero outfit

March 20 – Akai “Street Enforcer” Season 19

As part of mobile legends end of season skin, Akai is going to get this new street enforcer skin

March 20 – Saber “Silver Edge” First purchase skin

Saber Mobile Legends will finally get a new skin in the form of first purchase. It will only cost you around 50 diamonds

March 21 – Hilda “Aries” Zodiac encore

Hilda the aries is going to come again!

Those are some of the skin that will be coming on march 2021 in Mobile Legends. What do you think? Which of those skin will you be buying in March?

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