Mobile Legends recently released a new tank on their advance server. This new tank is very interesting because of its ability to parasite their enemies, and make them take damage each time they took a damage. Interestingly enough, most of its damage is also crowd control which is pretty strong regardless of what level and hero it is. That’s why it is not suprising that many people are waiting for this new hero to be released on the original server.


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Thankfully, leakers recently released a list of skins and hero released dates that are going to come soon to Mobile Legends. Some of which are the march skin list, and the new tanker Gloo that are going to come on 16 April 2021, and Beatrix that will come soon on 19 March 2021.

Both heroes are going to be in the META, Beatrix with her abilities to deal with any situation based on her weapon, and Gloo that can make their enemies hit one another to easily kill them. However do note that depending on how you utilize each of their powers, they can both be terifying and weak. Mainly because of the difficulty of each hero, and both are pretty high.

So try to practice after the release of both hero before playing it in the rank match!

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