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Mobile legends is going to be releasing a new skin in the next month. There are many types of skin release and depending on its quality, there are going to be some changes that will come to each hero, including the skin effect, and the skin animation. Anyway, the best skin that are being made by Mobile Legends will soon be released, which is the Granger Starfall Knight skin.

This skin is going to change everything of Granger, from hero animation, skill icon, Hero recall, to basic attack effect. The skin looks pretty cool, changing the original look of granger tto a more futuristic feel to it. The skin will be coming to Mobile Legends Original server on 23 April 2021.

For those that are interested in getting this skin, Granger Starfall knight is going to cost the same as any other Magic Wheel skin, since it is going to be released there. Players that already have a little count to the Magic Wheel skin or Magic token, will be able to exchange this skin easily without any problem.

If you are interested in this skin, download Mobile Legends now on Android and iOS!

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