Each Month Mobile Legends Moonton will always release a battle pass called starlight. This battle pass is going to give us tons of different rewards in the game. One of which, is the interesting Starlight Skins that will introduce a new cosmetic skin that is going to change the design, animation, and skill effect in the game. Much like the previous article in Roonby, we have found out that the April 2021 Starlight skins will be released for our favorite umbrella princess Kagura.

This April 2021 Starlight skin is called Rainy Walk, and is going to change kagura looks almost completely. The pink hair makes him looks so pretty and with an oversized coat and cute pastel color, she looks very cute. Not only that, this skin will also change some of the skill effect and animation, making it really worth to get especially for those that main her in the game.

Regardless, if you are interested in this skin, you can immediately buy it in April 2021, with the starlight skins. Aside from that, there are also going to be a Statue, a Free Hero, and many rewards including discount vouchers, tickets, and of course Crystal of Aurora that can be exchanged with diamonds in the store.

Those that are interested in the skill, can see the video above by a2zei. This skin is going to change most of her skill animation, including the ultimate, skill 1, and of course skill 2. Depending on how you use her in the game, Kagura is both mobile and annoying to deal with. Her ability to easily poke her enemies from a safe distance is really hard to deal with, added with her crowd control, stun, and pull, she will definitely be very scary in the early to mid-game.

Sadly, there hasn’t been a lot of kagura users in the game, and hopefully, with this skin update, kagura will be more popular in the game. If you are interested in this Kagura Rainy Walk skin, you can buy her skin in April 2021 Starlight Mobile legends.

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