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Ragnarok 2.0 Beginner Guide for F2P!

Ragnarok Mobile recently release their 2.0 updates, and with it. There are many new players that come to the game. If you are like me, a free to play gamer, without wanting to pay any money to grind, then you will definitely need this ultimate beginner guide for F2P players

Daily Guides

1. Park yourself and listen to the music at the Prontera gate

Listen to the CD for 30 minutes, and you will get additional 30 minutes to play

2. Do Assistant Daily

There are tons of rewards that you can get including Assistant medals that will help you in the game. Max 1800 Medals/week by:

  • Completing the Mission Board Quest
  • Repairing Time Rift
  • Claiming Pet Labor Rewards
  • Enhance your equipment Once
  • Guild Donation
  • Etc

Money Guide

Check exchange every day to track material that is expensive, and then you could farm it. Also check the gears that you want to invest in, buy it, and then sell it later. This is a little bit similar to trading and will give you a pretty penny in the long run.

You can also check the Assistant tab to check which item rise significantly in the last 3 / 7 days.

Pet adventure

Pet Adventure is really important for those that want a material reward, and a good amount of Zeny at the beginning. However, you will need a suitable pet for each dungeon to get higher rewards. For more information you can see this article here!

Drop Rewards

there is going to be a lower drop rate between your character level and the monster that you hunt. The drop rate will change, and it is going to be considerably harder for you to farm material or items. Here is the table:

There are some other guides that we can give you, so stay tuned for more updates in Roonby! Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love is a free-to-play mobile game for android and iOS. Recently the game has been updating their client, UI and everything making it more interesting to play. If you are interested in playing the game, download it now on Android and iOS!

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