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Magic Survival is probably one of our most favorite android games currently. Although the gameplay is very simple and easy to understand, there are a lot of variables of choice that you need to make to survive in the game. Aside from choosing a spell, there is also a feature that not many had known, which is the Fusion spell. Fusion Spell is the act to combine 2 max-level spells in the game to make a new and awesome spell. For the gameplay video, you can see it below:

First, before I share with you the Magic Survival Fusion Spell, I take no credit whatsoever by sharing this list, because this is a copy from a u/COOPERx223x that had taken his time to make this little list. please thank him by upvoting this fusion spell list, or even gave him the badge. Anyway, here is the list:

Name Base Magic Strengthening magic Function
Magic Missile Spirit Magic Bolt The firing speed of the Spirits increases in proportion to the number of Spirits, and the firing interval becomes the same as the firing speed. Spirit Projectile Speed +50%
Volcanic Eruption Meteorite Frost Nova The Meteorite explodes immediately and explodes an additional 4 times in the vicinity. Meteorite Damage 2/3, Meteorite Range 2/3
Flare Energy Bolt Fireball Energy Bolts spread in all directions at once and explode with twice the power at the end of the duration. Number of Energy Bolts generated ×2, -50% Energy Bolt size
Shooting Star Blizzard Meteorite A Blizzard has twice the power and slows down the fall. Blizzard spawn radius +30%, Blizzard spawn count -50%, Blizzard spawn interval x3
Ice Age Frost Nova Cyclone Frost Nova explodes 4 times in a row, and the range per explosion count increases. Frost Nova range -50%
Spark Energy Bolt Electric Shock Energy Bolts deal damage every 0.3 seconds. Energy Bolt Size ×1.5, Energy Bolt Duration ×2, Energy Bolt Damage -30%
Lava Wave Tsunami Incineration The duration of the Tsunami waves increases and the spawn radius increases. Tsunami Damage ×5, Tsunami Cooldown +50%
Blue Sky Thunderstorm Electric Shock Lightning generates 1-3 times in a row. Lightning Damage +30%
Void Cyclone Satellite A Cyclone is generated at a random location and rotates along the subject. The power of the Cyclone gradually decreases. Number of Cyclones ×2, Cooldown of Twisting Winds 1/2
Electromagnetic Pulse Electric Shock Electric Zone Electric Shock Cast Count +3, Electric Shock Duration -30%
Orbital Bombing Thunderstorm Armageddon The lightning explosion expands and deals 3x damage. Lightning strikes spawn at random points at intervals. -30% lightning damage
Familiar Spirit Energy Bolt The Spirits are unified. The duration of the spirit projectile is increased. Number of firings per Spirit number ×22, Spirit firing interval -80%, Spirit firing speed 1/3
Constellation Fireball Satellite The Fireball is fired at a random location and lasts for a short time along the subject. The Fireball’s movement speed gradually decreases. Fireball Penetration +2
Flamestrike Incineration Fireball As Incineration is fired, its power increases gradually. (Maximum multiplier: damage x5, size x1.5) Number of Incineration generated x1.3
Aura of Fire Electric Zone Incineration The Electric Zone disappears as it expands periodically, and the damage increases gradually as it expands. (Maximum damage multiplier: 6x) -80% of the base size of the electric cell
Doppelganger Magic Bolt Spirit Summons 3 illusions that fire magic bullets instead of the test object. 1/2 the magic bullet rate.
Earthquake Frost Nova Meteorite The freezing function of Frost Nova disappears, and the damaged enemies are stopped for a short time. Frost Nova Damage x5, Frost Nova Area x1.25
Nuclear Fusion Satellite Armageddon Satellites are integrated into one. Satellites deal damage every 0.3 seconds. Satellite damage increases by the number of Satellites x1.25. The Satellite size increases by the number of Satellites x1.25. Satellite rotation speed 1/2
Pole Tsunami Frost Nova Tsunamis are generated simultaneously in all directions and freeze the enemy. Number of tsunamis +50%
Fire Blizzard Incineration The Blizzard immediately explodes three times in a row, reducing its power by 20% for each explosion. The freezing function of the Blizzard disappears. Blizzard spawn interval -40%, Blizzard spawn radius -20%
Laser Electric Shock Armageddon Follows the subject for the duration of the Electric Shock. Electric Shock duration x4, The number of Electric Shock generated -50%
Wisp Satellite Spirit The Satellite’s radius of rotation is divided. Number of satellites x2, Satellite damage +50%, Satellite rotation speed +25%, Satellite base size -50%
Poison Gas Fireball Cyclone Fireball explosion expands and deals damage 3 times. Fireball Damage -33%
Destruction Shield Electric Zone When the shield is exhausted, an explosion occurs, and the explosion persists for a short time along the specimen, causing damage several times.
Asteroid Meteorite Armageddon Meteorite Fall Damage x3, Meteorite Range x2, Meteorite Cooldown x2
Transmutation Cloaking Magic Bolt During the duration of Cloaking, the cooldown of magic cast is reduced by 1/3. The Cloaking passage function disappears. Cloaking Duration x1.7

If you are interested in the game, you can download and play it for free now on Android. The game is very interesting and a very good pastime at this time. Stay safe, and wash your hands!

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