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Ragnarok Origin is one of the highly seek MMORPG Games currently. The game stays true to the original PC MMORPG version, making it one of the best Ragnarok Mobile [In My Opinion]. Sadly, the game hasn’t announced when they are going to release a Global version, because currently there is only the Korean version of the game. Thankfully though, a group of developers is releasing a new private version of the game, where you can download and play the game in English. There is less lag, on the game if you play it outside of Korean.

If you didn’t known Ragnarok Origin is a F2P MMORPG game, in the world of Rune Migards, Players will start as a novice in the game, training to be a hero. You can grind your level, and then upgrade your job into a much more powerful one. There are also lots of different spell and items that you can use to increase your level and make your character the best. Ragnarok Origin follows the original PC version, with an upgraded graphic and easy control for the mobile version.

The english version is made by a group of developers called Land of ROM, and make the game in English full of daily events, and new weather effects. The game stays true to the original and they are currently in the process of making the legal process for releasing it on CH and App Store. Regardless, if you have been having a hard time downloading and utilizing the English patch on the original Ragnarok Origin Korean Server, this game might be fun for you. Sadly, there aren’t any ways to trade your account on the original Ragnarok Origin to this Ragnarok Origin English Version.

The bad news is because it is a private server, there might be a problem in the future, delay in the event between the original and this version. Regardless, the game is very fun to play, and personally, as a Ragnarok Fan, I really recommend you guys to check it out!

To download the game, you can go in the link:
For more information, you can check out, or their original Facebook Page, and Twitter Page!

This game is available for both Android and iOS. So check it out!

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