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Recently, Japan had released a new Dynasty Warriors game that is released for mobile platforms on both android and iOS. It is called Shin Dynasty Warriors and it is first announced as the recreation of Console experience in mobile for android and iOS, but far from the hype, the game is rated 2.5 on Google Play and 2.4 on App store.

The review said it all, the feedback from the local gamer said that the character is slow, and control is really clunky. The AI that is implemented in the game also has no intelligence, which means that players will need to use their time to play the game when it provided an Auto Combat System. There is also some feedback regarding the elements that don’t make sense for a war game.

Because of this low feedback, and problem regarding the game, if Koei Tecmo didn’t fix that all, the game won’t be released outside of Asia. Currently to this date, there hasn’t been any developer that manages to release a really good Dynasty Warriors game on mobile that recreates the success of the console game. Regardless if you are interested in the game, you could download Shin Dynasty Warriors on Android by using Vpn.

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