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Each 2 Weeks Mobile legends will release a new hero in Advance server to test. Usually, this hero will come out as OP as they can, and Moonton will balance him next. Currently, there are already 2 heroes in the making, One is Gloo, and the new one is Phoveus, Shadow of Dread.

Phoveus is the newest Fighter in Mobile Legends that has the ability to counter hero with high mobility. The hero has the ability to reduce all cooldown if the enemy hero in his vicinity use any charge or blink skill. This means that enemies like Harith and Gussion that have high mobility will definitely be countered.

  • [Passive – Deity Intuition] Phoveus’ weapon, Astaros, holds mysterious powers and is exceptionally sensitive to fast-moving prey. When an enemy hero uses Blink or Charge skills, it reduces all of Phoveus’ skill cooldowns.
  • [Skill 1 – Malefic Terror] Phoveus smashes the ground and unleashes Astaros Dread, dealing Magic Damage to enemies hit and reducing their Movement Speed. Astaros Dread leaves enemies who are hit by it terrified, causing its effects to spread again. If Phoveus touches it, he gains Shield.
  • [Skill 2 – Astaros Eye] Phoveus summons forth the Astaros Oculus that watches enemies, reducing the Movement Speed of any enemy that sets foot on it. After ls, the Astaros Oculus starts pulling all enemies within range into its center, dealing Magic Damage.
  • [Ultimate – Deity Force] Astaros keeps a watchful gaze over the area around Phoveus. If it sees an enemy hero using Blink or Charge skills, it activates to cast a Mark upon them. During this time, Phoveus can instantly blink to their location to deliver a fierce blow, dealing Magic Damage to the target and its vicinity. Once Phoveus activates this effect, this skill is available for lOs before entering cooldown.

    [Tips] In Training Camp, you must summon a bot before learning your Ultimate in order to be able to use it on a bot. This problem will be fixed in the next update.

Phoveus first skill Malefic Terror has the ability to deal damage to enemies that are hit, causing it to deal massive damage in the area. This skill is very useful for the enemies that gather together in one group to deal with them. In the late game, this will definitely be the skill that is feared by his enemies. Also, Astaroth Eyes has the ability to capture and pull enemies in the game, it will also reduce the enemy’s movement speed in the long run.

His Ultimate however, can be used to chase enemies in the game. Every time the other enemy heroes use a blink or charge skill to run or gank the enemies, this hero will be able to mark them, and Phoveus can immediately blink to them to deal massive damage. This is definitely helpful to catch Hayabusa, or Gussion that mainly use their ability to run away.

Phoveus is currently tested in Advance server, so if you want to try him out, you will need to have access to it. The code for Phoveus is Shift Punisher, and it certainly suits him really well.

Mobile Legends is a free-to-play MOBA game, that can be played for free on Android and iOS!

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