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Magic survival is probably one of our most favorite games. It is a casual free to play mobile game, where you will need to survive in an apocalypse where there are a bunch of different spirits that will kill you in sight. Interestingly enough, your character has the ability to use the spell in the game and combine a bunch of different spells into one powerful fusion spell. There are also some artifact that is going to enhance your survive ability in the game.

Here is the list of Magic Survival Artifact in the game:


Well, there is not much that can be said with Normal Artifact, but it is enough and can help you in the early game. However, do note that depending on your spell built, some normal artifact is better than Rare, and Legendary Artifact.

Artifact Name Effect
Astronomical Calendar Meteor Cooldown -0.5%
Battery Electric Shock Cooldown -10%, Electric Zone Attack Interval -10%
Charged Orb Fire additional Magic Bolt +2, Magic Bolt Rate of Fire +0.3sec
Enchanted Backpack Item Pickup Range +50%
Firefly Spirit Damage +15%, Satellite Damage +15%, Electric Zone Damage +15%
Forcefield Invincibility Duration +20%, Max Number of Shield Charge +1
Gasoline Bottle Incineration Cooldown -10%, Meteor Drop Zone Duration +10%
Gold Ring MP Gains +10%, Item Pickup Range +20%
Gravity Sphere Satellite Damage +20%, Cyclone Cooldown -10%
Lightning Road Thunderstorm Cooldown -10%, Min Number of Electric Shock +1
Machine Staff Energy Bolt Cooldown -15%
Magic Broom Movement Speed +10%
Magic Bullet Magic Bolt Penetration +1, Magic Bolt Movement Speed +25%
Mana Bomb Magic Bolt Explosion Radius +1, Magic Bolt Size +30%
Mandrake HP Globe Heal Amount +50%
Mithril Armor Damage Taken -10%
Philosopher’s Stone MP Gains +20%
Ruby Attack +10%
Snowman Frost Nova Radius +15%, Blizzard Radius +15%
Spell Scroll Magic Cooldown -5%
Spine Chance to Corpse Explosion +3%, Corpse Explosion Damage +30%
Talking Hat Chance to fire additional Magic Bolt +20%
Torch Fireball Damage +10%, Incineration Damage +20%
Totem When character not moving, HP recovery per sec +1%
Udumbara Max HP +20%, HP Recovery per sec 0.05%

Rare Artifact

Depending on your spell, sometimes Rare Artifacts value is higher than Legendary Artifact. So if you see somethings that can increase your damage, take it!

Artifact Name Effect
Academic Cap Number of Ability Option +1 (max: 4), MP Taken 10% when choosing ‘MP Taken’ in the ability board
Angel’s Wing HP Globe Regeneration Rate +30%, Movement Speed +5%
Bashosen Number of Cyclone +1, Cyclone Movement Speed +20%, Cyclone Size -30%
Bow of Phoenix Fireball Penetration +1, Fireball Movement Speed +25%
Breath of Dragon Incineration Damage +30%, Incineration Size +10%
Catalyst Recover 1% HP when picking up MP Globe, MP Globe Amount +10%
Core of Galaxy Create Satellite +1, Satellite Rotation Speed +20%
Core of Spirit Create Spirit +1, Spirit Rate of Fire +20%
Death Note Instant Death Rate +3%
Dimension Gate Number of Meteor +1, Meteor Radius -20%
Essence Stone Attack +20%, Damage Taken +30%
Ether MP Recover per sec +0.1%
Gargoyle Stone Glove Max HP +30%, Damage Taken -10%, Movement Speed -12%
Holy Grail HP Recovery per sec +0.3%
Ice Crown Blizzard Damage +20%, Number of Blizzard +20%, Blizzard Generation Interval -10%
Invisibility Cloak Passing through all matters
Machine Orb Number of Energy Bolt +50%, Energy Bolt Cooldown +1sec
Magic Engineering Module Energy Bolt Damage +20%, Energy Bolt Movement Speed +20%, Spirit Damage +20%, Spirit’s Speed of Projectile +20%
Manpasikjuk Tsunami Damage +10%, Number of Tsunami +20%, Tsunami Cooldown -0.5sec
Mask Create Spirit +1, Create Satellite +1
Mirror Number of Magic +20%
Moon Crystal Enemy’s frozen damage taken +100%, Frost Nova Damage +50%
Necronomicon Armageddon Cooldown -13%, Damage Taken +13%
Ogre Elixir Max HP +100%, Magic Size +10%, Character Size +25%
Old Tree Staff Magic Radius +5%, Magic Size +5%, Magic Effect Duration +10%, Number of Magic +10%
Phantom Movement Speed +10%, Cloaking Cooldown -20%, Max HP -30%
Pocket Watch Magic Effect Duration +24%
Shroud of Energy Suicide Bombing Damage -25%
Skull Instant Death Rate +1%, Chance to Corpse Explosion +10%
Tarot Card 22% chance to fire a random projectile when casting Magic Bolt
Thunder Spear Thunderstorm Damage +50%, Electric Shock Damage +50%, Number of Thunderstorm -30%, Number of Electric Shock -30%
Weather Control Device Tsunami Size +10%, Cyclone Duration +20%, Blizzard Cooldown -10%


Legendary Artifacts are valuable artifacts that can immediately increase the damage of your spell, and it is recommended for you to built your spell according to the Artifact that you get!

Artifact Name Effect
Amplifire Magic Size +20%, Energy Bolt, Satellite, Incineration, Electric Zone Damage +20%
Black Cat Attack +6%, Damage Taken -6%, Magic Cooldown -6%, MP Gains +6%
Brand of Satan Every 66 fireball shots, you spray Fireballs
Clockwork Halt every enemy around the player for 2sec per 24sec
Eye of Watcher Enemy HP -13%
Hourglass Magic Cooldown -10%
Mechanical Arm Fireball spawn count +1, Incineration spawn count +5
Mjolnir Number of Thunderstorm +3
Pandora’s Box Cast one of Cyclone, Meteor, Tsunami per 6sec
Sword of Devil Instant Death Rate +1%, Magic Bolt Damage +20%, Magic Bolt Rate of Fire -0.1sec, Max HP -20%
Transcendant Gain Superpower, HP Globe Heal Amount -40%, MP Gains -40%
Uranium Attack +30%, Magic Radius +20%, Magic Cooldown +20%, HP Recovery per sec -0.1%

If you are interested in the game, you can download and play it for free now on Android. The game is very interesting and a very good pastime at this time. Stay safe, and wash your hands!

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