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There are many game genres that are made in any platform. However, one of our most favorite is the RPG Genre especially MMORPG, where players are able to play as a hero to save their own princess, or to go on an adventure with their swords and magic, fighting monster, while saving towns with their friends. Of course there are many MMORPG Games that are being made by bunch of different Talented developers, however today we will give you some of our recommended one.

1. Ragnarok Origin English Version

Ragnarok Origin is one of our top picks. The game has good stories, good gameplay and lastly good communities. There are so many people that are waiting for the english version, and a good of vietnamese developers finally made one. If you are interested see the full article here!


2. Stella Arcana

The Demon Prince Moro is about to descend upon the Land of Thel, and it is now up to the 6 chosen Astral Warriors to restore the power of the stars to the Light Realm. Are you up for an intense new challenge? All new game modes? Stella Arcana is now calling upon the bravest of adventurers!


3. Age of Chaos

Age of Chaos: Legend brings Another World to life with its PC level graphics and a revolutionary game engine, providing a completely immersive game experience! Experience the thrill of battle with challenging strategic team dungeons and assorted class skill combinations! Show off your individuality with highly customizable character faces and costumes! Catch and train pets and mounts, go fishing and cook delicious meals to stay entertained outside of battle!


4. Dragon Nest 2

“Dragon Nest 2” as the genuine big world mobile game of the Dragon Nest IP, not only continued to write the legend of Altria based on the grand world view and inherited the fresh style of the previous work, but also carried out on this basis. Artistic innovation, delicate and exquisite models, real light and body feeling, the weather change settings during day and night, from small details to large scenes, all present the adventurers with the longest game screen of the Dragon Nest


5. Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

“Cross Worlds” is an MMORPG mobile game based on LEVEL-5’s famous anime IP, “Ni No Kuni”. The dreamful story of adventures and journeys begin through saving the world of crisis, gorgeous 3D graphics and high-level silhouettes emphasizing the fairy-tale style.

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6. DokeV

Pokemon Game MMORPG, sadly it hasnt been released yet, and we might need to wait til the end of 2021 to get this game. But this game looks very awesome!

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7. Eternal

As a new MMORPG that is under development with full strength by Asobimo. Realize the highest level of 3D graphics on the smartphone with a hard-working MMORPG full of elements. Along with the “fairy” that supports the player, you can experience the epic story drawn by unique characters and the expressive field where time and weather change.


Hopefully This list of Apps is going to help you choose which mmorpg game to play! Got any new recommendation for our next list or games? Please check out our facebook page and contact us there! Check out our other list of games, and guide here in roonby!

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