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Ragnarok Mobile recently release their 2.0 updates. There are many changes that come in the game, and the game recently released a new job called Ninja in the game. Not that it matters, but in the recent developers’ live stream, the devs had said that the Gunslinger job will also be released this year, and many have speculated that the job will be released in the next March Updates!

In the recent data miner leaks, it is found that Ragnarok Mobile devs had stored a Gun icon in the game, which means that Gunslinger will be released sooner than we thought. However, the icon was removed immediately after the CBT emergency updates, this might means that the dev doesn’t want it to be revealed too fast!

It is also stated on the recent interview from Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love devs that they plan on releasing all the job from Ragnarok PC such as TaeKwon and Gunslinger. They also stated that there are going to be 3 Major updates in 2021. The first one might be Ragnarok 2.0 with new UI and Jobs, and the next one might be for the new job which is for TaeKwon and Gunslinger.

Another major part that they stated is the Ep 9 and 10 that is going to come with the major updates this year.

So what do you guys think about these updates? Are you hype for the new Ragnarok Mobile Job updates?!

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love is free to play a mobile game on Android and iOS!

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