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It has been a few years since Mobile Legends released their 2.0 Updates. With the updates, there are many changes that come with it, from new UI Updates, New heroes, to New Jungle Monster. Recently, it is released by Mobile Legends leakers that there are going to be new updates on its jungle monster.

The first one that we can see is the jungle monster that is going to be changed in the next updates. Currently, there is already 3 design of jungle monster that are found by data mining. Each of them looks pretty cool with a dignified monster vibe that comes with the design. Personally, I really like the blue buff monster design, that makes it looks pretty, elegant but powerful at the same  time.

Aside from that, we also get to see the next Lord and turtle design in the image below.

Both designs of the lord can be seen in this image. Turtle is getting huge changes that make it looks ancient. The sanctuary lord design that comes with it is very similar to Uranus, making more people question the origin of the fountain hero in the game. But what do you guys think about these updates?

Previously we have found out that mobile legends had leaks of new UI Updates that hinted for Mobile Legends 3.0 updates, and with these new updates that change most of Mobile Legends Important jungle monster, It seems like Moonton is going to released Mobile Legends 3.0 Soon!

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