Good news for players of Mobile Legends that mains Angela in the game, because recently it is recently leaked that Mobile Legends is going to release a new Collector skin for our favorite little doll. The support hero is going to undergo a little change that will make her ability looks really pretty and players will be able to kill and support with style. The skin is called Floral Elf, and it is going to be one of the newest Collector Skin in the game.

Angela Floral Elf Skin is going to change her usual robotic effect design into a flower fairy that will kill help their enemies. Not only that, but the doll is also going to be changed with this skin. Players will be able to feel the dignity and elegant of the skins, and personally, this is one of the best skin in the Mobile Legends game.

Aside from the design changes and animation, the skill effect is also going to be changed, her first skill, where she sends out a wave of healing energy, will be changed into a pretty butterfly that will heal and damage her enemies in the game. Her ultimate will give her allies a flower shield that is going to help her allies shielding some damage that they took in the game.

If you main angela, then I really suggest you save up your money, because this skin is really good skin for her.   I personally love her butterfly wing that is attached to her back and her pink overall looks with blonde hair that makes her very pretty. The skill is a nice addition, but her design overall is really good. Mobile Legends Angela Floral Elf is going to be released on 7th April 2021.

Angela Floral Elf Skin is going to be released on 7th April 2021.

If you arent interested in her, you could change the collector skin into 2 other which is the Kagura Lady Crane, and Hayabusa Shadow of Obscurity.

Mobile Legends is a free-to-play mobile game, that follows 5v5 settings in an arena called the Land of Dawn. Players will need to fight each other to be the best! It is free to download and play for Android and iOS!

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