Mobile Legends Bane recently got huge and op updates. These new updates make the underestimated fighter into a killing machine. Bane ability to deal poke damage with his first skill, and his ability to sustain damage by healing himself in a fight makes him one of the best offlaner in the game. It is not surprising that the fighter hero had become one of the most used hero in competitive play.

Interestingly enough, Mobile Legends Moonton also notice this popularity of Bane, and finally change his overall joke like design into one that is a little bit more presentable in the game, as you can see in the image below:

Previously, Bane himself is one of the most revamped heroes in the game. In the early stages of Mobile Legends, even way before the Project Next Updates, Bane Mobile Legends had the appearance of the enemies in the Pirates of Carribian stories. There are no tentacles in his form, but the pirate hat and pirate demeanor make him look pretty frightening. Not only that, his ability is reworked as well, before he will call a ship that will deal damage for the enemies that stands in its way, but sadly the damage is not that great, and because it is very easy to avoid it, Moonton decides to rework bane completely.

Finally, after a lot of reworks, Bane is finally one of the best picks in Mobile Legends. He has everything that we want in an offlaner. Huge poke damage to be annoying, sustainability with his heal, and massive damage in the late game. Not only that, but Low cooldown also makes this fighter hero becomes one of the best Mage/Physical damage Fighter in the game.

Now, if you want to try out revamped Bane, I suggest you check out his build online, or check our Bane Guide in the Roonby!

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