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In the last few months, Moonton had leaks us a little bit regarding Karina Revamp. The old and wash-up assassins will finally get the chance to shine in the original server soon because Karina will be coming soon to the advanced server for test. Players that want to play her will be able to utilize her unique skill next in the Mobile Legends Advance server.

In the gameplay above made by Hororo-Chan, there are some interesting changes for Karina. Karina now has the ability not only for damage immunity but also damage reflection. MM Basic attack that has missile abilities, is going to be reflected, making it easier for this anti marksman to kill marksman even in the late game.

Not only that, his skill cd is going to be reduced by 1s each time she activated her passive ability that deals damage base on their max hp. Her ultimate can be used in an interesting manner, where you will leave a shadow clone behind your targeted enemy, and deal damage, if you activate it again, you will dash to your shadow clone and deal damage to enemies in the line.

Karina is going to be included in the META as an OP Assassins, especially after the Beatrix META that could immediately destroy Tower with her basic attack because of her gun. With this damage reflection, heroes like Granger, Lesley, and Kimmy might need to think again before hitting that high burst damage basic attack.

What do you guys think about this new Karina Mobile Legends Revamp? Are you hype enough to play her? If so, do you think she will be included in the next MOBILE LEGENDS Competitive META Game? Or will she be banned in every single match?

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